It’s Pride Month, and I’m Proud to Be Me

I still remember the day I learned that rainbows were “gay.” I was in the fifth grade, feeling spiffy in my new black shirt with a rainbow across the chest. I loved rainbows. And I still do. They’re bright and cheerful and diverse and unexpected. I had wanted a rainbow shirt FOR YEARS and, thanks [Read more…]

Rosh Hashanah 2014 with Thane Maynard

Over 100 people warmly welcomed Thane Maynard and friends to Congregation Beth Adam on Thursday, September 25 to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.  Smiles filled the room to celebrate the New Year in our very special sanctuary that represents our commitment to a sustainable future. Thane stood under our newly solar-powered eternal light as he explained that [Read more…]

First Day of Religious School Success!

What a fun start to the year!  In each class, students got to know each other and their teachers, enjoyed bagels, learned about what they’d be doing this year, and participated in a community-wide art project.        Many smiles were seen this Sunday as Leah welcomed us back with her music. The Pre-K [Read more…]

Chocolate Passover Seder!

There was no shortage of smiles or chocolate (or chocolate smiles, for that matter) at Sunday’s Chocolate Seder.  We all giggled and celebrated while tasting delicious charoset (chocolate frosting with marshmallows), matzah (chocolate graham crackers), greens (strawberries – the tops are green!) dipped in salt water (chocolate sauce), and something bitter (bittersweet chocolate chips, of [Read more…]

Purim Carnival

A great and fun time was had by all at the Purim Carnival this past Sunday!  Everyone got to try their hand at Beth Adam’s classic games (Twister, Lollipop Tree, and Soda Rings) and got to challenge their skill with many exciting new games (Roller Bowler, Fuzzy Cats, Milk Can Toss, Prize Wheel, Crazy Cans, [Read more…]

Do Unto Otters…

Family Education with Rabbi Baum on Sunday was a blast! The kindergarten, first, second, and third graders were joined by Oren from Israel who taught a few Hebrew words with some fun games.  One game was called “Gam Ani” – which means “me, too!” We played charades and learned words for mother (ima), father (abba), grandmother [Read more…]

Oh, What a Celebratory Morning!

January 26 was a day filled with celebrations! Religious School was jam-packed with activities, and everyone was wearing smiles all morning (grown-ups, too!). The Pre-K class, in which the students had morphed into the three little pigs, was happily building and story-telling during class time. Grades K-3 have been learning about values, and last week’s [Read more…]

You Put Your Keppies In…

There was quite a crowd braving the January temperatures this past week to kick off the second semester of Beth Adam’s Religious School. The students couldn’t wait to get back to work and fun! The pre-K kids were busy learning the hokey-pokey, only using Hebrew and Yiddish words! They put their keppies (heads) in, and [Read more…]

Fun Start at Beth Adam Religious School

How did it get to be late December and we haven’t caught you up to date yet on the goings-on in the Religious School? Our students have been busy this fall, learning, playing and exploring. The High Holidays came early this year! Beth Adam students celebrated Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in unique ways in September. On [Read more…]