Social Action

At Beth Adam we value community engagement and social justice that is responsive to the ever-changing world. We are committed to Tzedakah* and the Jewish tradition of social action. A remarkable number of our members take active roles in our social action projects.

Several times a year, members of Beth Adam prepare a lunch and staff a soup kitchen. Also, we collect food for the Loveland Inter Faith Effort (L.I.F.E.) – a local food pantry that depends on our contributions to provide nourishment to local needy families. These are just two of several social action projects we participate in annually.

Throughout the year our Religious School students donate money for and learn about many charities as a way of learning Tzedakah. They also volunteer their time with community organizations.

Additionally, our Teens participate in community service projects throughout the school year.

Our Social Action Team works together to look for new opportunities to meet changing needs within our community and our world.

*Tzedakah is a Hebrew word that is difficult to translate accurately. More than just acts of charity, Tzedakah suggests that it is everyone’s responsibility to aid those in need.