Membership FAQ

What about membership at Beth Adam?

The members of Congregation Beth Adam are committed to creating a dynamic and vital community through the generosity of their talents, commitment and financial support. Beth Adam’s 35 year history is a testament to their dedication, vision, and values.

Being a member of Beth Adam affirms one’s desire to be part of a community which values a contemporary Jewish voice and supports all on their religious journey. Membership also offers a number of benefits, including access to the services of our Rabbinic staff, our educational curriculum and social programs. Members also have voting privileges and are eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees. Being a member of Beth Adam means being a part of our community and supporting our institution.

What are Beth Adam’s membership dues?

Beth Adam approaches membership differently then most other congregations – our membership is by the individual. While other congregations “count” by families, units, or some variation thereof – at Beth Adam we appreciate and recognize each person as a distinct individual. We also want to affirm clearly that singles are full and equal members of the congregation.

So membership at Beth Adam is very simple – each adult who values the congregation joins.

Members are responsible for 2-part Annual Commitment each year, as described below.

Base Membership Fee:
A flat, base membership fee of $825 is charged per fiscal year*, for each adult member.
There is no membership charge for children.
(Those joining after October 1st will have a quarterly prorated fee for the remaining portion of the fiscal year.)

Beth Adam respects financial privacy and does not ask members to reveal their income to the congregation. Thus, the congregation uses a flat dues system rather than a sliding scale based upon household income.

Those who have the financial resources are asked to give above the individual dues rate. Information about this program is described below.

Additional Contribution:
The base membership fees cover only about 50% of our operating expenses, consequently, members who are able are asked to make an annual contribution to help close the gap between operating costs and revenue provided by base membership fees.

*Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Payments may be tax deductible — we suggest that you contact your tax professional for more information.

Does Beth Adam offer Reduced Dues?

In order to ensure access to all, we offer a reduced fee to anyone who cannot afford the base fee. Customized arrangements may be made by contacting the Congregation Treasurer or Executive Director.