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The Pudgy Moses

In this legend, Moses carries within himself the memories, doubts, and uncertainty of his childhood. This story is an exploration of that internal conflict as Moses stood to face God while the future of the Children of Israel hung in the balance.

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The Bush Had Not been Consumed

In this Jewish legend, Moses encounters the burning bush and experiences a sense of connection and loss. More than a tale about theology, this is an exploration of about grief and sorrow. It examines how that which once is so strong and alive ceases to be.

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Lot’s Daughter Betrayed

In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot offers his daughters to be raped by an unruly mob of men. This legend captures the outrage and pain the daughters felt toward their father. In the Biblical story, the daughters did not speak, in this midrash, they do and their anger can be heard.

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The Stuff of Legends

This legend examines how a Moses is transformed from a Prince of Egypt to the leader of slave rebellion. While moses is typically cast as one who wanted to end injustice, this legend takes a very different approach. Moses only becomes the Moses we know as a function of the fates.

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Adam, Lilith, & Eve – Their Stories

In this legend, the first man and woman write their own creation stories only to find they do not agree on much. This story explores the sexism that is found in the Biblical creation myth and unfortunately can still be found in our own generation.

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