Fun Start at Beth Adam Religious School

How did it get to be late December and we haven’t caught you up to date yet on the goings-on in the Religious School? Our students have been busy this fall, learning, playing and exploring.

The High Holidays came early this year! Beth Adam students celebrated Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in unique ways in September. On September 5, learning about science was more fun than usual, as the Drake Planetarium brought their portable planetarium to us. Kids of all ages connected the science of moon cycles and the universe to the Jewish calendar.

Planetarium Rosh Hashanah

Ten days later, yoga instructor Robyn Adair led us through reflective and symbolic poses, as Rabbis Barr and Baum provided thoughtful narratives focusing on Yom Kippur. Everyone was invited to write a goal “in stone” for the year. What a grounding way to begin the New Year!

Yom Kippur Yoga

Our students welcomed each other back to their Religious School classes at the end of September. After lots of learning on that first day, parents and students had a sweet celebration on the lawn with an ice cream party.

ice cream

All grades found lots of new learning at the beginning of the year. The Pre-K class with Mr. P began learning different Jewish songs and traditions. Grades K-3 had fun with Lisa learning and sharing about Jewish holidays. Joanne’s 4-5 grade class created “families” to begin learning ritual and life-cycle events. And Sandy’s 6-7 grade class studies of the ideas of prejudice, anti-Semitism culminated in a trip to the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education during the first week of November.

Here are some fun photos: