Do Unto Otters…

Family Education with Rabbi Baum on Sunday was a blast! The kindergarten, first, second, and third graders were joined by Oren from Israel who taught a few Hebrew words with some fun games. 

hebrew words 1hebrew words 3

One game was called “Gam Ani” – which means “me, too!” We played charades and learned words for mother (ima), father (abba), grandmother (safta), grandfather (sabba), brother (ach), and sister (achot). We also learned that “zombie” in Hebrew is still “zombie.”

hebrew words 2


After our games, Rabbi Baum showed us Beth Adam’s Torah scroll and talked about how ideas change over time.

torah 1torah 2


Then, we all enjoyed reading “Do Unto Otters” to help us start thinking about rules that are meaningful to each of us.

do unto otters


Afterwards, we worked on creating our own rules. Parents wrote theirs on scrolls – and kids made posters.

commands 1 commands 2 commands 3


Family Education wrapped up deliciously: everyone tried their hand at making pretzel scrolls and “commandment” cupcakes. Yummy!

pretzels 1 pretzels 2