Mad Science: Religion and Science at Sunday School

Our Religious School year is off to a great start!  We welcomed lots of new and returning students this past Sunday.  Students spent about 30 minutes in class doing some icebreakers and talking about the topics for the year.

Then, we all came together for an assembly led by Dr. Vega from Mad Science.  She did an extraordinary Fire & Ice Show that engaged everyone in the room, whether they were three years old, an adult, or somewhere in between!

Our mad scientist brought some dry ice, let students taste carbon dioxide, and popped the lid off of a container.  She lit things on fire, made water disappear, and filled the sanctuary with fog.

Why did we bring a scientist to Beth Adam’s Religious School?  Because we’re a place that values science tremendously.  Our eternal light hanging over the Torah in the sanctuary has a DNA helix above it.  Our stained glass windows represent the Big Bang and science.  When religion and science conflict, we choose science.

Check out some fun photos from our morning!