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The Seder tells the story of the Jews' freedom from slavery, melding traditional and contemporary
liturgy to create a Passover ritual that is meaningful, relevant and appropriate for all modern day Jews.

It provides direction for beginners and comfort for seasoned participants as they celebrate this
traditional holiday together.
The Seder:
Beth Adam Haggadah
Complete Seder Service
$8.00 per copy

The Seder:
Beth Adam Haggadah
Passover Special Package
$50.00 for 8 copies

Shabbat Service #1 Congregational Friday night Sabbath Services $7.00 per copy

Shabbat Service #2 Alternative Congregational Friday night Sabbath Services $7.00 per copy

Home Services Set A collection of services
  • Dedication for the Home
  • Shabbat Service
  • Havdalah Service
  • Hanukkah Service
$17.00 per set

Beyond the Silence A pocket-sized collecton of readings appropriate during times of crisis. $5.00 per copy

Benediction of Life A pocket-sized collection of readings appropriate for memorial services $5.00 per copy


Music CD A Pinch of Oy, A Dash Of Ahh!A Pinch of Oy, A Dash of Ahh! Koh Nidre CD $10.00 per copy

Enjoy the music of Steve Rosen and Richard Goering which includes Beth Adam's Yom Kippur Kol Nidre.

Songs:  1. Raisins & Almonds 2. “Prayer” from Jewish Life 3. The Heyser Bulgar “The Hot Bulgar”
4. Erev Shel Shoshanim “Evening Walk in the Roses” 5. Dodi Li “My Love is Mine and I Am His”
6. Der Stiller Bulgar “The Quiet Bulgar” 7. Kol Nidre

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