Rabbis’ Messages

Beth Adam’s 41st Annual Meeting

Rabbi Barr comments on Beth Adam’s most recent annual meeting.

Cliches and Mass Shootings

Rabbi Barr responds to the cliches said following mass shootings in our nation.

Replacement Theory, Racism and Tucker Carlson

Rabbi Barr comments on Tucker Carlson’s use of racist and anti-semitic tropes in a recent broadcast.

A True Hero

Rabbi Barr remembers Jeanne Ousseron on the eve of Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Another Toilet Paper Shortage

Rabbi Barr can’t believe that we might run out of toilet paper again.

Passover and Covid – Fiction and Fact

Rabbi Barr contrasts the Passover legend to the reality of the pandemic.

Guaranteed for 100 Years – A Pencil

Rabbi Barr wonders if he should purchase a pencil guaranteed for 100 years.

Getting The Vaccine

Rabbi Barr comments on how people are celebrating getting vaccinated.

I didn’t officiate at Limbaugh’s funeral.

Rabbi Barr talks why he was pleased not to have been asked to officiate at Rush Limbaugh’s funeral.