Barr’s Banter 2021

Ripple of Hope

Rabbi. Barr reflects on Robert Kennedy’s Ripple of Hope given in June of 1966.

The Days are Slow But the Years Pass Quickly

Rabbi Barr reflects on the passage of time.

Majorie Taylor Greene Doesn’t Listen to My Podcasts

Rabbi Barr responds to Rep. Green’s recent outrageous comments.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict – Ongoing

Rabbi Barr comments on the current conflict in the region.

Venturing Out – Tentatively

Rabbi Barr talks how life is changing as a result of being vaccinated.

We Don’t Celebrate Shavuot

Rabbi Barr reminds us that the movie The Ten Commandments was not a documentary.

Beth Adam’s 41st Annual Meeting

Rabbi Barr comments on Beth Adam’s most recent annual meeting.

Cliches and Mass Shootings

Rabbi Barr responds to the cliches said following mass shootings in our nation.

Replacement Theory, Racism and Tucker Carlson

Rabbi Barr comments on Tucker Carlson’s use of racist and anti-semitic tropes in a recent broadcast.