Barr’s Banter 2019

It Was Religious

Rabbi Barr braved the cold to see OSU beat MU – he shares his thoughts.

Doughnut Sticks?

Rabbi Barr isn’t too sure about doughnut sticks.

Flat Earth – Really?

Rabbi Barr can’t believe there are folks who still believe in a flat earth.

Confronting Anti-Semitism

In his Yom Kippur talk, Rabbi Barr discuss how we can confront Anti-Semitism

One Small Step

In his Rosh Hashanah talk, Rabbi Barr explores what it means that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon.

The Internet at 50

Rabbi Barr celebrates the 50th birthday of the internet.

The Longest Flight

Rabbi Barr questions the value of a 20 hour non-stop flight.

William Barr Ignores the Separation of Church and State

Rabbi Barr comments on William Barr – they’re not related!

Cell Phone Etiquette

Rabbi Barr comments on another insistent of bad cell phone behavior.
Beth Adam