Barr’s Banter 2019

William Barr Ignores the Separation of Church and State

Rabbi Barr comments on William Barr – they’re not related!

Cell Phone Etiquette

Rabbi Barr comments on another insistent of bad cell phone behavior.

Banning Harry Potter

Rabbi Barr can’t believe the reason someone wants to ban Harry Potter.

Turn Off Your Phone

Rabbi Barr comments on someone using a cellphone at the wrong time.

Guns and God Appreciation Day

Rabbi Barr finds a footnote to the Ten Commandments

Sharpiegate and Yom Kippur

Rabbi Barr looks at Sharpiegate through the lens of Yom Kippur.

Another Mass Shooting

Rabbi Barr talks about why we can’t turn our attention away from mass shootings.

Keeping Them Out Was Wrong

Rabbi Barr comments on the recent decision to keep Representatives Tlaib and Omar out of Israel.

We’re All Transformed

Rabbi Barr talks about the shootings in El Paso and Dayton.
Beth Adam