Rabbis’ Messages

A Time to Laugh

Rabbi Barr talks about finding joy in these challenging times.

Going to the Gym

Rabbi Barr reflects on how things are changing.

Reach Out and Connect

Rabbi Barr talks about how technology can help us connect with others.

International Women’s Day

In case you missed it, Rabbi Barr speaks about this important day.


Rabbi Barr has some observations about the covid 19 epidemic and the White House’s response.

Leap Year

Rabbi Barr asks – what are you going to do with an extra day?

The Battle Between Evolution and Creationism

With the Ark Park back in the news, Rabbi Barr has some thoughts.

Rush Limbaugh and the Medal of Freedom

Rabbi Barr says why he’s disturbed that Limbaugh was awarded this prestigious honor.

Getting My Steps

Rabbi Barr talks about his goal of walking more.
Beth Adam