Rabbis’ Messages

The Battle Between Evolution and Creationism

With the Ark Park back in the news, Rabbi Barr has some thoughts.

Rush Limbaugh and the Medal of Freedom

Rabbi Barr says why he’s disturbed that Limbaugh was awarded this prestigious honor.

Getting My Steps

Rabbi Barr talks about his goal of walking more.

Bagels and Bacon

Rabbi Barr considers National Bagel Day.

I Can’t Breathe

Rabbi Barr talks again about being in Australia as the fires rage.

Are You Safe?

Rabbi Barr talks about his experience of being in Australia

Hallmark Channel Controversy

Rabbi Barr comments on the Hallmark Channel pulling ads because a religious group deemed them inappropriate.

Gift Giving Reconsidered

Rabbi Barr reconsiders gift giving at this season of the year.

It Was Religious

Rabbi Barr braved the cold to see OSU beat MU – he shares his thoughts.
Beth Adam